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to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure

Anonymous: "all the prime numbers!"

2. are you tall or short? 
I’m average! I’m 5’5”, which for Canada is just barely above the average women’s height.

3. what’s your favorite color?
It varies. Sometimes blue, sometimes blue/green/turquoiseish, sometimes purple.

5. what’s your greatest flaw?
Hmm… Maybe my difficulty with trusting people? 

7. what are you really, really good at?
Being kind. I try my best to be good and helpful and kind to everyone, even if they annoy me. (There are a few exceptions to that though, I’m not a saint) 

11. describe the way you dress in one sentence 
13. what is the most insulting thing anyone has said to you?
My now ex-friend said that I was pathetic because of my panic attacks and anxiety (which were really bad in the summer)
17. is men’s rights a thing? 
*Are. and also, yes? I feel like this is a trick question LOL

19. can science explain everything, eventually? 
I don’t know. I kind of want to say yes, but I’ve had too many friends experience unexplainable things to say yes.
23. what is art?
gonna go by the dictionary definition here and say: “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”

29. does apathy really exist? 
31. what gender do you prefer? 
I don’t really know. I mean, I’ve mainly (only?) liked people who identify as male, but I do think that’s because a) I didn’t really realize I was attracted to non-male people until fairly recently, and b) i tend to like people for long periods of time.
37. describe, personality-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like? 
Intelligent. Kind, funny, interesting (as in able to carry on a conversation at least a little bit), similar morals to me, a little bit silly and nerdy. and friendly to people. 
41. how much of an age cap can you handle? For older, I’d say like 4 years maximum for now, and for younger, like 2 years. 

43. could you forgive a cheater? Nah. Cheating on me is probably the thing that someone who dated me could fuck me up the most by doing.


Little caracal kitten is out adventuring for the first time… | Andreas Jansrud


We used to be best buddies,

But now we’re not.

I wish you would tell me why…

  •  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*ABOUT YOU*~✧』
  •   1. Are you more feminine or masculine?
  •   2. Are you tall or short?
  •   3. What’s your favorite color?
  •   4. What do you love about yourself?
  •   5. What’s your greatest flaw?
  •   6. Do you see yourself differently than other people describe you?
  •   7. What are you really, really good at?
  •   8. What’s something you’re bad at, but love?
  •   9. What’s something people have tried to force you to do?
  •   10. How do you spend your free time?
  •   11. Describe the way you dress in one sentence.
  •   12. Have you ever gotten your nails professionally painted?
  •   13. What is the most insulting thing anyone has said to you?
  •   14. Favorite game?
  •   15. What color is your hair?
  •   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*PHILOSOPHY*~✧』
  •   16. Do you believe in god?
  •   17. Is men’s rights a thing?
  •   18. Does love really exist?
  •   19. Can science explain everything, eventually?
  •   20. Are we raised into what we love, or do we come to love it based on how we were raised?
  •   21. How do you feel about the school system?
  •   22. Do you believe in fate/destiny?
  •   23. What is art?
  •   24. Do we define ourselves, or does our past?
  •   25. What happens after we die?
  •   26. Do humans matter--tiny specs on a floating piece of rock in a solar 27. system in a galaxy in an infinite universe?
  •   28. Is there good in everyone?
  •   29. Does apathy really exist?
  •   29. Is human life only valuable because our society makes it?
  •   30. How do you feel about society, the vague “they” blamed for everything?
  •   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*LOVEY-DOVEY PREFERENCE STUFF*~✧』
  •   31. What gender do you prefer?
  •   32. What’s the first thing you notice about someone?
  •   33. Could you love someone you found ugly?
  •   34. Favorite hair color?
  •   35. Favorite eye color?
  •   36. Ideal height?
  •   37. Describe, personality-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like?
  •   38. Describe, appearance-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like?
  •   39. What do you look for--brains or looks?
  •   40. Could you fall in love online?
  •   41. How much of an age cap can you handle?
  •   42. How would you introduce yourself on a blind date?
  •   43. Could you forgive a cheater?
  •   44. Is lying about something serious as bad as cheating?
  •   45. Right now, you could call the person you like/love (if you aren’t dating/engaged/married already), or show up at their front door, and just confess or kiss them or whatever. What’s stopping you?


[aggressively reblogs star ship warp sparkles]

“lol here’s one widow who won’t be wailing” —

margaery tyrell (via theladymonsters)


The Ladies of Game of Thrones


Dusty lavender eyeshadow and silver lower lash line highlights at Chloé Fall/Winter 2014





eating clocks is really time consuming

especially when you go back for seconds


The gif is perfect because it represents the only two possible reactions to this joke